Sunday, 8 February 2009

An Introduction

So yesterday I and 5 other bloggers were invited to the Dyson PR office in South Kensington to be introduced to the brave new world of Dyson 'machines'. Well, new to me, that is. Not actually so new in reality; the company is over 25 years old, and the cyclone technology that gave birth to the original Dyson vacuum cleaner is now out of patent, it's so established.

I do so like to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Anyway, I and my blogging colleagues were given an insight into the wonderful world of Dyson (and I'm writing that in a totally non-ironic sense), and personally, I really liked what I saw. The company seems on the ball, they certainly had the right team giving us our guided tour - if you want to get a group of mums on-side then getting a fellow mother who also just happens to be head of acoustic engineering at Dyson to lead them through it is a most excellent plan - and it was a relaxed and enjoyable couple of hours.

All that remains is for the 'machine' they are giving me - to see if it stands up to the test of central London dirt and 2 small boys with a marked preference for incredibly small pieces of lego and lots of stickers and glitter - to arrive.

Watch this space for info on our road-test...


  1. ooooo! Get you PottyM with two blogs!

  2. Pig - don't tell me you really want me to bore you with adventures in vacuuming in my main blog? (Don't answer that actually; by implication it would be more interesting than what I post on there already...)